Yes  – I have visited the Dancefair in Utrecht this year for the first time and here is my review

There is something for everyone

The first thing that struck me was the pure diversity of workshops. Whether you wanted some in-depth knowledge about a certain DAW, get some tricks for composing more time efficient, learn how some of the DJ’s get their specific sounds, brush up on your knowledge in how to let’s say, create the perfect bass or hear about Social Media success stories – you got what your came for. What I also like was the layout. The tech courses where physically close to another. Sometimes in the same room or just next door so you did not need to race around like an idiot to make it to the next session. So where the more management orientated workshops etc.

The speakers were very accessible

All the speakers I have heard were very interactive with the audience, not one rushed away afterwards, you could really come up to them and ask for advice or introduce yourself.

There was some new gear exhibited

Quite honestly – I think nobody came for that and I almost felt sorry for the sponsors. But it was good hang-out between sessions and a place to interact.

The drop-of points for your music

Not for me, but lovely idea. A very low threshold interaction with some dance labels and you never know what might come out of it.

The food/ drinks

Something never mentioned but actually quite important if you are stuck at a fair for two days. Not bad. Snack style but not all junkfood, definitely healthy options available. And more then just one spot to get it – so no cueing.

My verdict

I have never gone before because i have always had the assumption it would be exclusively for the Dance/ DJ scene, but I was wrong. Yes – they primarily focus on that genre, but I would say it is worth ging for anyone who creates music electronically. However from my experience, one day is enough (unless there is a workshop you definitely do not want to miss out on), and if you need to choose a day, Saturday. Saturday was the playground of the professionals, Sunday it was swarming with students.

Hope this helped!

Keep creating!

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