If you are using vocals on your tracks it will be the one thing that needs to be right. It makes your audience connect with you. Your vocals are your signature.

Being a vocalist myself I understand this like not many other mixing engineers would. I can lift your songs to a very different level by focussing on the vocals and make them stand out.

And yes…you can always contact me for being part of your own song as background vocalist or featured singer on your EDM/ R&B track…


I know you might feel like a fool, but ALWAYS warm up your vocal chords. You wouldn't run a marathon without a warm-up either...


  • Relax your shoulders & move your neck
  • Breath deep
  • If you breathe right your vocal performance will improve
  • Planning consultation
  • Choose the vocal sound you are most comfortable with today (Ah, Ih, Eh, Uh)
  • Sing the entire ange of your vocals (high to low to high) on one breath
  • Repeat AT LEAST three times