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Mixing is about finding the right balance for the song. To find that you need a trained ear - not gear. 

You have recorded your song and need the right mix. Give it the little extra to lift it from “just another song” to something that makes people really listen. Stop them in their steps.    

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Mastering is the art of letting your song sound good on any medium - from earplugs to hi-fi sound installations

You have recorded your song, are happy with the mix you have and now want to get it “radio-ready”(okay, ready to publish to streaming services, iTunes, etc. etc. etc..)

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If you are using vocals on your tracks it will be the one thing that needs to be right. It makes your audience connect with you. Your vocals are your signature.

Being a vocalist myself I understand this like not many other mixing engineers would. I can lift your songs to a very different level by focussing on the vocals and make them stand out. And yes…you can always contact me for being part of your own song as background vocalist or featured singer on your EDM/ R&B track…

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Artist Management

Unfortunately at the moment I have no open spot but feel free to drop me a mail if interested!!

Today in the changed Music Business being an artist – a band, singer/songwriter or solo musician – offers a lot of possibilities to make it big without a record label. Some artists today even CHOOSE not to sign with a label. But make no mistake: these possibilities do not make it easier. As an independent artist you have to take over many tasks a label used to do for their signed artists so they could focus on their music. You need to be your own marketeer. Your own promoter. Know your way in the legal djungle. Book your own gigs. Advertise your album or tour. Think of a band name, create a recognisable brand, […]

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